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Stay tuned for the 2018 Cyber Security Challenge Australia which is shaping up to be an even bigger and better test of your cyber skills! In the meantime we recommend that you take the time to practice with past challenges to bring your A game in 2018. We will be updating this website with registration and competition information in the coming weeks.


In 2017, CySCA was designed and run in partnership with Telstra, Cisco, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, PwC, Splunk, Hacklabs, Microsoft, BAE Systems and Facebook. The Government recognises the significant commitment of time and resources made by our partners, and is grateful for their passion and commitment to CySCA.

The Australian Government’s Cyber Security Strategy recognises the need to boost not only the Government’s cyber security capacity and capabilities, but also the talent pool for cyber security professionals right across the economy. We encourage interested students from anywhere in Australia, particularly women and first year students, to form teams and get involved in 2018. For more information, contact

Final scoreboard CySCA 2017 Scoreboard

CySCA 2017 IoT In-a-Box


Congratulations to our winners

  • 1st Place: University of NSW (UNSW1)
  • 2nd Place: Monash University Team 1 (MONU1)
  • 3rd Place: Edith Cowan University (ECU1)

Highest Scoring Team of First Year Students:

  • Griffith University (GRIU1)

Random Challenge - First to Complete the Boss of the SOC - Website Defacement– Informant:

  • Queensland University of Technology (QUT1)

Most Innovative Response - IoT ESP8266 Explain this! – Take a Peak:

  • Murdoch University (MUR1)

Corporate Penetration Testing Challenge:

  • Australian National University (ANU1)

Random Prize Draw - Solo Solvers – Detect and Defend:

  • University of Sydney (UOS2)

First to Capture Most Difficult Exploitation Challenge - MOVpwn:

  • University of Sydney (UOS1)

Check out the full list of prizes , courtesy of CySCA sponsors.

The Challenge

What is CySCA?

CySCA is a ‘hacking’ competition run by an alliance of Australian Government, business and academic professionals who are committed to finding the next generation of Australian cyber security talent – including you!

Starting in 2012, CySCA will show you what it’s like to work in cyber security and will get your name in front of some of Australia’s most dynamic employers.

CySCA is Australia’s only national cyber security competition. It runs over 24-hours and will test both your technical skills and communication know-how. It’s not easy, but it’s heaps of fun, and the opportunities you get from participating are fantastic.

Think you’re up for the Challenge?

Rules and eligibility

Rules and eligibility

CySCA is open to full-time Australian university undergraduates and undergraduate-equivalent TAFE students based in Australia. Each team may contain up to four students.

All teams must be registered by a university/TAFE staff/faculty academic representative.

  • Individual applications will not be considered.
  • Registration does not guarantee entry into the event.

You will not be able to participate in the Cyber Security Challenge:

  • if you do not consent to CySCA organisers using or disclosing your information for any of the purposes identified in the Privacy Statement which can be found here or as a pdf here
  • unless the personal information required for registration is given.

Full Terms and conditions can be found here or as a pdf here

Cyber Security Challenge Australia Logo


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Our Sponsors

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