What is CySCA?

CySCA is Australia’s only national cyber security competition. It’s designed to excite, inspire, attract and help Australia’s talented people to become our next generation of cybersecurity professionals.

Organised and conducted by the Australian Government, Telstra and Australian universities, CySCA is committed to working with industry and the community to address common cyber issues.

CySCA 2015 is Australia's forth national cyber security competition.

Information for Participants

Entry is free.

CySCA 2015 will be conducted remotely; it is scheduled to commence Wednesday 30th of September 2015

Participants will compete in a virtual network with access provided by CySCA organisers prior to the event.

CySCA is open to full-time Australian university undergraduates and TAFE students (as defined by the registering university/TAFE) based in Australia.

Each team may contain up to four students, and each university/TAFE may register up to four teams.

All teams must be registered by their university/TAFE staff/faculty representative.

  • Individual applications will not be considered.
  • Registration does not guarantee entry into the event.

The cut-off date for universities/TAFE's to register their interest in fielding 1-4 teams is 30th August 2015.

  • If applicable, further openings will be advertised following this date.


As Australians conduct more of their social, consumer and business activities online, there is a corresponding increase in the demand for ICT professionals to manage the digital environment. The Government is committed to collaborating with education and industry sectors to help boost Australia's information and communications technology (ICT) skills base and equip Australia’s workforce with the skills necessary to thrive in a digital economy. The Government recognises that developing and sustaining an appropriately skilled ICT workforce will ensure Australia’s future prosperity, security and social wellbeing.

CySCA aims to:

  • help build the profile of ICT cyber security and encourage Australians to gain skills in this area; and
  • highlight career opportunities and encourage the development of undergraduates studies in ICT.

CySCA is conducted as a partnership between the Australian Government and Telstra. Australian Government departments involved in the Challenge include the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, the Department of Defence, the Attorney-General’s Department and the Department of Communications. CySCA also receives valuable support from PwC and NBN Co.

What's the game about?

CySCA 2015 will test a range of skills that are relevant in the cyber security field.

CySCA 2015 competitors will be asked to:

  • identify vulnerabilities in the network of a fictitious Australian business; and
  • recommend appropriate mitigations the business should implement to enhance its network security.

The competition will test each team's expertise in:

  • identifying vulnerabilities in software, applications and common network services;
  • understanding the root cause and appropriate mitigations for a vulnerability;
  • conducting an analysis of a cyber incident involving malicious software;
  • understanding the common mechanisms that attackers use to compromise a network;
  • writing programs to automate problem solving; and
  • performing analysis of unknown binaries to determine purpose and functionality.

Each team will be required to document its findings and provide advice on appropriate mitigation strategies.

Entries will be assessed by Exercise Control – a group of cyber security experts from the Australian Government and Telstra.

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